Dad’s Club


What We Do

The PTA sponsored Matoaka Dad’s Club is committed to encouraging male role models at our school. Operated by PTA members, we offer programs that give fathers (& father figures) the opportunity to be involved with our students, network and meet other dads and participate in events at our school.



The purpose of the Matoaka Dads Club is to substantially increase the involvement of men at Matoaka Elementary School. The net effect of increased parental involvement in schools has led to higher graduation rates, higher grades and improved behavior by students. We hope it will engage fathers and get students excited about books and reading.

Statistics show that involved fathers create capable young people with high self esteem and self confidence. This builds a connection with their children that will last a lifetime. 

We have set the following goals: 

  • To build a stronger bond with our children
  • To increase the number of fathers helping in classrooms
  • To instill a sense of community in our children
  • To create a network of involved fathers

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Morning With Dad – Held annually in October, this event offers the opportunity for dads to enjoy time with their children in the morning before school while having a light breakfast of bagels, fruit, coffee and juice. Dad’s Club members will be on hand to answer questions about the program and hear your ideas.

Mystery Reader Program – Fathers (or father figures) are scheduled to read a short book to a classroom of your choice at Matoaka. Costumes or silly hats are encouraged but not required. We will make all the arrangements with the teacher and school so just let us know what time you are available to visit and we will do our best to work with your schedule.


Mystery Readers

The Mystery Reader program, offered by the Matoaka Dad’s Club, helps to develop a love of reading while also allowing fathers (and father figures) to become involved with their children at school.

Dads (or uncles, older brothers, family friends, father-figures, etc) are scheduled to read a story to their child’s classroom, preferably (but not required) dressed as a character or related theme from the book. A collection of hats and costumes are available or you are welcomed to bring your own, or just come as yourself.

Your visit will be a surprise – Only the teacher will know the identity of the Mystery Reader. Each reader will answer a few questions about himself that will be provided to the children as “clues.”

Dads are needed for each classroom every month. It shouldn’t take longer than 15 or 20 minutes and is a great way to spend time with your child.

Your visit MUST be scheduled with the Dad’s Club.

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Service Our Dad’s Club works with the school to determine how our volunteers and members could be helpful including providing manpower for functions and activities, improving facilities and grounds and promoting and/or aiding the activities of other organizations of the school.



Membership in the Matoaka Dad’s Club is on a voluntary basis and is open to any parent or guardian of a MES student. Membership is not limited to being a father. The Matoaka Dad’s Club is a program sponsored and supported by the Matoaka PTA.

Volunteer Opportunities

The PTA and the Matoaka Dad’s Club are in need of volunteers to help with our events and initiatives including our Mystery Reader Program. We are also in need of adult sized costumes and hats.

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