Dad’s Club

What We Do

Matoaka Dads is committed to encouraging male role models at our school.  We offer programs that give fathers (& father figures) the opportunity to be involved with our students and participate in events at our school.


The purpose of the Matoaka Dads Club is to substantially increase the involvement of men at Matoaka Elementary School. The net effect of increased parental involvement in schools has led to higher graduation rates, higher grades and improved behavior by students.

Statistics show that involved fathers create capable young people with high self esteem and self confidence. This builds a connection with their children that will last a lifetime.

We have set the following goals: 

  • To build a stronger bond with our children
  • To increase the number of fathers helping in classrooms
  • To instill a sense of community in our children
  • To create a network of involved fathers


Morning With Dad – Held annually in October, this event offers the opportunity for dads to enjoy time with their children in the morning before school while having a light breakfast of bagels, fruit, coffee and juice. Dad’s Club members will be on hand to answer questions about the program and hear your ideas.

Fire & Flick – Held annually in May (weather permitting), this event offers the opportunity for dads and kids to have a family-friendly evening of a movie, s’mores, camping, and breakfast, all over a Saturday night on the grounds at Matoaka!

What to Bring: Bring your own tents and camping equipment along with blankets and chairs for the movie and sticks for roasting marshmallows.


Service Our Dad’s Club works with the school to determine how our volunteers and members could be helpful including providing manpower for functions and activities, improving facilities and grounds and promoting and/or aiding the activities of other organizations of the school.