Matoaka Bylaws Revision

vaPTAThe Virginia PTA requires local unit PTAs to revise their bylaws and submit them for state approval every 5 years. The deadline for the Matoaka Elementary School PTA’s revision is June 20, 2017. The MES PTA Bylaws Committee has prepared a revised set of bylaws. The MES PTA Executive Board approved the proposed bylaws on February 15.

Matoaka Revised Bylaws Draft

Matoaka PTA Bylaws Draft (trackchanges)

The Bylaws Committee must now submit the proposed bylaws to the general membership for review and comment. The general membership must have 30 days to review the bylaws, and the bylaws must be put to a vote of the general membership. The bylaws will be up for a vote at the general membership meeting on April 19. The proposed bylaws must be approved by a two-thirds affirmative vote at the meeting.

The proposed bylaws follow a standard template provided by the Virginia PTA. Note that pounded (#) articles and sections cannot be altered or deleted. Articles and sections with no # may be altered to reflect how the local unit conducts business. In most cases, the proposed bylaws are consistent with both the Virginia PTA template and with the previous MES PTA bylaws. Edits to the Virginia PTA template are explained with comments in the redlined version of the bylaws, as are edits that differ from the previous MES PTA bylaws.

Comments on the proposed bylaws or questions may be submitted to Karen Talley,