Healthy Lifestyle Golden Apple Awards

In honor of Healthy Lifestyles Week last November, the PTA and Healthy Lifestyles committee kicked off a new award: THE GOLDEN APPLE.

This award will be given throughout the year to teachers, staff and parents at Matoaka who are “caught” helping kids make healthy choices.

Congratulations to the following individuals/teams for winning a GOLDEN APPLE for supporting healthy lifestyles at Matoaka: 

MS. CANDICE BRAXTON: Autism Learning Specialist, for her support of healthy choices in the classroom. Ms. Nora Cho, Kindergarten Teacher and Member of the Wellness Council, for her help with the healthy snack contest, Cardinals on the Move Fun Run, and the creation of a healthy snack bulletin board.

MS. DAWN FORGIT: Kindergarten Teacher, for hosting a Heart Healthy Valentine‟s celebration for her class.

MS. DAWN HESS: Fourth Grade Teacher, for her continued promotion of healthy parties and events in her classroom.

MS. MAUREEN MCFARLAND: Computer Teacher, for incorporating healthy messages into her teaching activities.

THE KINDERGARTEN TEAM: for their support of the Matoaka Garden. All of their classes participated in growing vegetables last Fall and this Spring and their kids were able to learn lessons pertaining to where your food comes from and the importance of growing and eating fresh produce. In May, the teachers picked Swiss chard, sugar snap peas and lettuce from the garden and made it into a healthy salad for their students to try!

MS BUCKLIN: A teacher who spends every day working on ways to encourage Matoaka students to be healthy and active. She chairs the Wellness council, sponsors the Flag Football Club, and worked hard to make the school Fun Run a huge success.

THE FIRST GRADE TEACHERS: The first grade teaching team sent home letters to parents at the beginning of the year with a list of healhty foods that would make a great snack each day. These teachers understand the importance of healthy foods to fuel healthy brains.

MS PENNY SMITH: Thank you Penny for sponsoring the Matoaka Girls Running Club. It is a fantastic and popular program.

MS JEN SMITH: Jen is responsible for getting our teachers and the community excited about Zumba.

MS SLADE AND THE CAFETERIA STAFF: They work hard every week to make healthy, tasty food for us while also supporting our Locally Grown food initiative. We appreciate your dedication!

MS GADA: This Matoaka Mom made delicious blueberry muffins for her son’s class birthday celebration (instead of cupcakes!) in honor of Healthy Lifestyles Week.

Thank you one and all for setting a great example and supporting Healthy Lifestyles. 











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